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“What’s intriguing about the recording is Falik’s prowess in rendering each piece with a keen combination of expressive acuity and textual clarity… Faliks plays [the Pasternak] with the same concentration and attention to detail that she applies to the Ravel – beautifully limned and paced… Intensely felt, her Rachmaninov abounds in poetic phrasing and finely gauged drama.”

Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone ~ March 2010

“[Inna Faliks is] a first class pianist.”
Turok’s Choice, Issue No.219 ~ March 2010

“Inna Faliks…offer[s] the original version of the sonata. Just in case that was not enough to prove her technical mastery of the piano, she gives us a very respectable rendition of Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit. She also offers some previously unrecorded works of the Russian poet Boris Pasternak… The Pasternak is some- what interesting music … It gets a persuasive performance and is certainly worth a listen or two. She is a powerful pianist, with technique to burn… she has a wonderful variety of tone colors at all dynamic levels. Her Ravel is reminiscent of Argerich —not quite there yet, but very close. The Rachmaninoff reminds me of the early Van Cliburn recording made in Russia, with a little more boldness and a little less finesse… she has all of the traits for a major international career.”
American Record Guide ~ January / February 2010

“Bearing the title ‘Sound of Verse,’ here is a CD containing a program intelligently planned, exceptionally well played, and superbly recorded… Faliks…more than proves her mettle in one of the most technically daunting pieces of piano music ever written. This disc is strongly recommended, not just for its imaginative and unusual program, but also for Faliks’s distinguished playing and for MSR’s excellent recording.”
Jerry Dubins, Fanfare ~ January / February 2010

“Poetry…A kind of panoramic vision.” –The Washington Post

“A delight to hear. Riveting…warmly poetic.” –The Baltimore Sun