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Music/Words is an interdisciplinary live performance series exploring connections between poetry and music by presenting collaborations between exciting solo musicians and acclaimed contemporary poets in the form of a live recital/reading.

Inna Faliks created the series in order to foster a chance for poets and musicians to work together and inspire each other, as well as to allow different audiences to come together for these musical-literary events. New published and unpublished works are read alongside performances of music old and new and connected by content, intuition, and inspiration. According to Faliks, “I pair performers together based on their personalities and styles, and encourage them to pair the poems with music in ways that are strongly and intuitively connected.”

Music/Words has featured collaborations between acclaimed poets such as Jesse Ball, Deborah Landau and Mark Levine, and musicians such as cellist Wendy Warner and pianists Leon Livshin and Angelina Gadeliya. Performances have occurred in some of NY’s most beloved performance spaces, such as Le Poisson Rouge and Cornelia Street Café. WFMT Radio in Chicago features Music/Words in regular live broadcasts throughout the month of April each year. There are four concerts each season, in a variety of venues. This season, each concert of Music/Words this season represents a different element – fire, earth, water, or air. Visit www.musicwordsnyc.com for more information.

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